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An Axis Powers Hetalia Historical and Alternate Universe Role Play
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  1. Adam Banjora/Australia
    Humor : For the last time Arnold Swazernagger did not come from my country!
    Usergroups: Moderators
    Rank: Ex-Convict Colony
  2. LiliZwingli/Liechtenstein
  3. Pangaea
    Usergroups: Administrators, Moderators
    Rank: The Scattered Pieces of the World, United as One.
  4. Sadiq Adnan/Turkey
  5. Veneciano Vargas/Italy
    Humor : 3 o'clock Siestas, SI!
    Rank: Italia, il paese dell'amore
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Ivan Braginski/Russia
Ivan Braginski/Russia
Rank: Лидера
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