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 Rules and Guidelines

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The Scattered Pieces of the World, United as One.
The Scattered Pieces of the World, United as One.

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Rules and Guidelines EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 1:58 am

The Rules~


1. Respect the staff. Be it a moderator or an administrator, listen to what they have to say. If they tell you to stop doing something, you must stop.
>If there are no administrators on, the moderators are law, though they can not ban you. They can report you to an administrator and we will take the proper action from there.
>If you do not agree with something that a moderator has told you to do, you are welcomed to bring the entire conversation to an administrator via PM and we will discuss the proper course of action. This also applies if you feel a moderator or administrator is abusing their powers.

2. Respect your fellow members.
>Remember, everyone is going to have different opinions and views on different historical events. Be sure to keep an open mind and not to put others down for their opinions.
>Discussions are fine, so long as there is no flaming or put downs.

No God-Modding, Metagaming, or Power-Play
1. God-Modding: When you character can do practically anything without limits or boundary. Example of this is your character not being able to be harmed by another person's punch. Assuming that your punch always hits is another example of God-Modding.

2. Metagaming: Using outside knowledge in game to benefit your character. An example of this would be having Poland behave cockily during the battle of Grunwald, knowing that historically Poland wins against the Teutonic Order.

3. Power-Play: Controlling another person's character without permission.

1. There is no advertising allowed on this forum.
>If you want to recruit to another forum, be sure to do it in private. By private, we don't mean PM, we mean away from the forum and the MSN group chat.

1. We are a literate forum.
>Use proper capitalize, grammar, and spelling to the best of your ability.

2. All post must be at least 200 words long.
>If you can not meet these easy requirements, we may have to ask you to leave, since it is not nice to have one player put effort on their post and receive a small post.
>Having trouble reaching 200 words? Then try including settings, what your character is thinking or feeling. Try being a bit more detailed. 200 words is not too hard to type out.

1. You must post at least once a week for any AU threads.
>This does not apply for threads in the crack section, because those threads do not save you during activity checks.

2. You must post at least every 10 days for history threads.
>We know that history threads take up more time, effort, and research, so we give you an extra four days to post.

3. There is no way to be inactive.
>We now provide a section for journals. Those count as normal posts, so long as you make them relevant to either historical events, one of the AUs, or current events.

Activity Checks
1. Some are random.
>Sometimes we will do a hidden one that runs from Monday - Sunday. Those that do not post within that week, we will send you a warn PM. You are welcomed to fight for the removal of the warning, but remember there is an absence thread, post in there.
>2 warning PMs and you will be on probation.
>3 warning PMs and you will be deleted, but are welcomed to reapply, so long as you provide a paragraph telling us why this time will be different.

2. There will be the bigger, public activity checks.
>These run for 7 days.
>After you check in, you are given 5 days (FROM THE TIME YOU CHECKED IN) to post at least one thread.
>If you were already active for that week, you will be marked as safe and do not have to post in those five days, but regular activity is still wanted.
>Journal posts do save you, so you can not use the excuse that you are waiting for someone to reply to you as a reason to not post.

Alternate Universe Posts
1. You must have at least one active thread in the history section, before you can post in the AU threads.
>Try not to go overboard with the number of threads you have in the AUs. Remember, your priority is the history section.
>Try not to go over 5 threads, which can be any combination that you want, so long as there is still at least one history thread in that combination.

2. You can have a 6th or 7th thread.
>One of those must be a crack thread. The other must be a journal thread.

The Guidelines~

For OOC comments in threads: All OOC comments belong at the end of the post. Make a line break after your post by typing [ hr ] (without the spaces) and then writing "OOC:" (without quotes) followed by your comment.

For labeling main forum threads, please use this template: TIME|EVENT|PLAYERS
  • Time: Can be as specific or vague as you want, but should be ordered as YEAR/MONTH/DAY
  • Event: Make it obvious enough that people have some idea to the content by either naming it by the exact event or something similar
  • Players: The people involved in the RP
  • Ratings: If your thread has excessive violence or sexual content, please mark it with (R18) at the end of the title.
  • Completion: When an RP has been completed, simply attach (Complete) or [Complete] to the end.
  • Examples
    1876 Feb 2|Treaty of Ganghwa|Japan, China, Korea
    197x |Schie├čbefehl | East Germany & Russia (R18) [Complete]
    1849-1866 | The Beginnings of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire | Austria&Hungary

If more than two players are in one thread, be mindful of the posting order so no one is posting more than the others and each can get in a reply in.
>This is a flexible rule that may be worked out between the players. Foul play.

Those are the forum guidelines. Please follow them.

Any comments or questions, please post them here or privately message an admin.

Failure to abide by the rules or guidelines may result in warnings, temp bans, or permanent bans depending on degree of the misconduct and the Administrators' and/or Moderators' discretion.

Rules and Guidelines may be edited in the future as needed.
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Rules and Guidelines
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