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 Secondary Characters

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The Scattered Pieces of the World, United as One.
The Scattered Pieces of the World, United as One.

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PostSubject: Secondary Characters   Secondary Characters EmptyWed Oct 20, 2010 7:58 pm

Secondary characters!

Step One: Pick your second character. You have two options:
- If you currently have a Hetalia nation: You may only create an OC nation.
- If you currently have an OC character: You may create a Hetalia nation or another OC nation. In other words, any available nation.

For clarification:
- Hetalia nations have appeared in the comic strips. They consist of America, Russia, Switzerland, Egypt, Taiwan, etc. Characters with illustrations also fall under this category! However! If your current character has been drawn but has not appeared in the comic strips, thus lacking a Hetalia persona, you may make the request.
- OC nations have not yet appeared in Hetalia and/or have not yet been illustrated by the Hetalia creator. As of Jan 8, they would consist of Mexico, Brazil, Afghanistan, etc.

- As the Prussia RPer, a Hetalia nation, I can only pick an OC nation such as Mexico or Portugal. Characters such as America and Japan are off limits for me.
- Lucas, as Brazil, an OC nation, may pick any other available nation, such as America or India.

Because we are always on the look out for new countries to RP with, if there is a country that you want to RP but which goes against the rule in step one, ask the admins anyway. It never hurts to ask. The key to this is that your two nations should need to interact with one another very little.

Step Two: Inform one of the admins of your decision
The admins will give you the signal whether or not to proceed to step three.

Step Three: Submit an application
Remember: The key to being accepted is a strong timeline and knowing at least the basic relations your secondary nation has with other nations.

Step Four: Once you have been accepted for your secondary character you must always have at least one active thread in the history section for each of your characters.
-Failure to follow this rule will result in the deletion of the neglected character.

And that's that!
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Secondary Characters
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