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 Hey Japan, beginning of trade with Netherlands?

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PostSubject: Hey Japan, beginning of trade with Netherlands?   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:05 pm

I was wondering if you would be interested in rping out the arrival of the Dutch in Japan? It seems to me that the Dutch leave for Japan around 1598 and end up in Japan in 1600. Then Captain J. Quaeckernaeck and his crew (from the one ship of the five that survive), go to meet Tokugawa Ieyasu, who granted them the right to trade there and even appointed William Adams to be his foreign affairs advisor.

It seems that from there, a lot of things happen, the Dutch establish a factory in Nagasaki and declare their independence from Spain. Around 1587, Christianity was banned in the country and Japan began to adopt an isolationist policy. However, the Dutch agree to several of the terms and move to Deshima. I am working on doing a bit more research, but I thought that I would throw this idea out to see if you would be interested.

These are the initial links that I used:

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Hey Japan, beginning of trade with Netherlands?
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