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The Scattered Pieces of the World, United as One.
The Scattered Pieces of the World, United as One.

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The Past is Never Dead's
Roleplay Proclamation

"Our goal is to role play events more closely to actual history, not to Himaruya's satirical portrayal of the events."

We are a history based forum that role plays actual historical events and facts. We do not draw upon on Himaruya's satirical interpretation of historical events but rather aim to role play how the events may have occurred in actuality, using Himaruya's medium. Although you come here to role play as Hetalia characters, we do not expect you to stick exactly to the Hetalia personality of your character. In fact, we encourage you to take a step or more away from the Hetalia-based canon and base your character's personality on his or her entire history. Remember, your character's personality is expected to change, depending on the era they are currently in. Countries, as do people, change with time.

Pangaea has spoken.
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