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 Meet The Staff

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Ivan Braginski/Russia
Ivan Braginski/Russia

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PostSubject: Meet The Staff   Meet The Staff EmptyThu Apr 29, 2010 6:46 pm

Meet The Staff Mj8tw
Ivan Braginski / Российская Федерация

Privet! This is your administrator and founder of Ultra Vires or Beyond The Powers. I made this forum, because I was tired of the lack of history in the other forum that I was in and at that time, there really were not any other history forums out there. I could go on explaining the process and what not on how this little place was born, but why bore you with that?

I have been role playing for about 5 to 6 years, but this is the first time that I have been the administrator of a role play forum. I owe the success of this forum to my staff members. They are wonderful and my co-admin, I owe him a lot of helping me keep everything organized.

I am a pretty laid back person. I like to joke around and be rather cracky in the group chat, but, I will enforce the rules if they are broken. As lazy as I may be, I am quick to stop drama. Really, you would not want me to step in if there are any issues going on. Also, I do not tolerate disrespect to my staff.

Anyways, enough of that serious business stuff! Want to role play with me, just tell me! I'm up for anything, though I like there to be some history or politics connected to it. Ooh! And do not let the fact that I role play as Russia intimidate you, seeing as that has happened in the past. I am a nice person who loves history and just wants to have a nice time role playing with my members.

Well, hope you all have fun role playing on the forum! And behave, my minions!

Meet The Staff 258a16g
Im Dae-Hyun / 조선민주주의인민공화국

I am Dae-Hyun, one of your moderators. Typically I only respond to Dae-Hyun or Dae, but Joseon works, as well, if for some reason folks want to be so respectful I get uncomfortable (hahaha). I'm a veteran forum role-player of twelve years now, including being moderator or admin on several boards and sometimes taking on up to seven characters or more depending on the need. I tend to be pretty laid-back, but I'm not afraid to step up and be Bad Cop if required so to do.

As far as RPing Hetalia, I generally play Austria (my favorite), China, Norway, Thailand, or Hong Kong. North Korea actually happened by accident, and I have loved him ever since. I RP in the Gakuen setting, historical/canon, and AU/historical. Dae in the group chat is much more affectionate and cracky than on the forum itself, but even there he has his darker moments. Just keep in mind nothing he does is personal~

On a more personal note, I tend of come off a bit stuffy from time to time OOC one moment and then do something weird the next. Just roll with it and I should make sense eventually! And other fandoms, well, I've RPd in various anime fandoms (mostly series from the 80s and 90s), Vampire the Masquerade (on paper, SecondLife, and in forums), Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Men, Transformers, and Batman. In conversation, I tend to ramble a bit and often hop onto tangents, so if I start that mess just try to steer me back to the subject. I'm almost always watching the group chat either online or with my phone, so if you need anything or have any questions, give me a shout and I'll do my best to help!

And now that I've rambled here, I'm going to shut my trap and get to work. Please, enjoy your stay! And remember, even though I'm North Korea, I don't bite~

( I just bite Ivan. )

Meet The Staff 2mqn32h
Adam Banjora / Commonwealth of Australia

G'day ^^ I'm Adam or Australia or Adum or Adamsauce, take your pick. I am one of your mods :3 The longest serving one in fact. I'm ooooold. Welcome to the forum unless you already know who I am, in that case, piss off XD.

I first came to this forum when Ivan told me he was making one :3. So I was the second person on the forum. In fact , I came up with the name ^^ and the original banner which is soooooo boring compared to my new one. I'm kinda the forum designer ^^ with a little help from Gil's sister now and then. As I'm studying to be a Graphic Designer, designing the layout and look of the forum was a great help to my studies, as well as fun.

I mainly role play either Australia or Japan. I'm one of the few Australia role players out there. Japan is my favourite to role play, as he has canon, where as Australia is virtually an OC. Which can get frustrating if people know nothing about him. Everyhting about him, I made up, or borrowed from the way tradition males act , personality wise in Australia, as well as borrowing a few aborignial elements as well.

I enjoy humour, of virtually any kind ^^, and piss taking (if you know what that is I will love you). Being an actual Aussie, in fact the only Aussie so far, my timezone is a bit iffy... I'm in you future! But I'm sure I'll see some of you eventually if I haven't already.

I do apologise for any spelling mistakes, I'm not on my own computer at the minute and I don't like this keyboard or the computers fake windows ><. I am rarely serious and always trying to make people laugh.

SO ENJOY this forum ^^ and try to keep out of trouble!

Meet The Staff M8mauo
Sadiq Adnan / Türkiye Cumhuriyeti

Merhaba! So, I’m your mod and your resident Turk. I’ve been role-playing since four or five months ago and since English isn’t my native tongue feel free to correct me (I want you too!). Not sure what else to tell you besides the fact that I like history hence why I’m here. Anyway, if you have any questions or need any help or just want to role-play, I’m your man.
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Meet The Staff
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