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 Requests For Russia Starts In Here!

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Ivan Braginski/Russia
Ivan Braginski/Russia

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Requests For Russia Starts In Here! Empty
PostSubject: Requests For Russia Starts In Here!   Requests For Russia Starts In Here! EmptyTue Mar 30, 2010 2:14 am

Okay, so Russia is very popular, meaning that I keep getting requests left and right. Currently, I have 10 active threads, they are;

Battle of Zorndorf (Prussia)
Bloody Sunday (W.I.P.)
Freedom of Czech (Czech)COMPLETE
Molotov-Ribbentrop (Germany)
Potsdam Agreement (US/UK/E. Germany/W. Germany)
Schießbefehl (German Democratic Republic)COMPLETE
Re-Establishment of Lithuanian Independence (Lithuania)
A Russian Meal (N. Italy)
Comforting An Italian, Russian Style (N. Italy)
Surrender of Kongisberg (Prussia)
Zhenbao Island/Damanski Island Incident (China) Unknown
Belarus National Republic (Belarus/Germany/Prussia?/Poland/Lithuania)

So those are the ones that I am currently working on and I already have a list of threads that are waiting to be started.

Vietnam War (Vietnam/China/America/Other Asian nations that want to get involved)
Korean War (S. Korea/N. Korea/China/America/Australia)
Battle of Austerlitz (Austria/France/Czech/Prussia/England)

There were more, but I forgot! Anyways, if you want to rp with me, just put the name down of what event you want to do with me. When something frees up, I will write an rp request for that specific event. ROLE PLAYS ARE DONE ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS!
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Requests For Russia Starts In Here!
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