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 Before you roleplay with Iggy...

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Before you roleplay with Iggy... Empty
PostSubject: Before you roleplay with Iggy...   Before you roleplay with Iggy... EmptySat Dec 12, 2009 11:13 am

To my fellow roleplayers:

I apologise but I must stop taking requests. (Bloody open now.) The history excerpt I'm familiar with gets the priority. Please don't feel ignored because it takes longer time to research for a field I've never step a foot in. The following countries take a priority, but please don't make advantage of it because I want to RP with everyone. Thank you <3

added: Priorities are given to the nations who must roleplay with me and only me, for instance, my elder brothers.

Hong Kong, America, France, China, Taiwan, and those who have replied this thread.

Apply to OC nations only. If any hetalia nations want to speed up the RP, you may also reply.

I'd love to roleplay with each of you, but my replies are extremely slow especially when I am not familiar with the history between us. I don't have much time to go through everyone's history and do a full analysis so every post I replied to Australia and New Zealand underwent headaches. They know the history how Iggy mistreated them but shame to me, I don't. I also didn't know how to react because I know nothing about your personalities. You might be someone who is aggressive all the time that needs to be repressed, but I turn out to act like a friendly mama, which is awkward enough.

So would you please, especially my lovely colonies if you want to roleplay with me(even though you detest me like hell), just provide me some information about yourself (Personalities, brief history). The most important thing I want to know is: How do you think Iggy treats you? Is there some historical event that changes our relationship significantly? How did our relationships change over time?

This information will serve as a guideline in determining Iggy's actions. I appreciate your help so much and I hope for a spectacular roleplay in the future. <3

(r)= I replied.
Roleplay in Progress (or attempt to work on it):
Spanish Armanda
An Gorta Mór (Great Irish Famine)
Gallipoli - Landing at Anzac Cove (1915)
Operation Valentine (by Faroe) (r)
Battle of the Boyne
Potsdam Conference (r)
Transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong (with China) (r)
War of 1812

1770/Finding Australia

Roleplay requested by others
Munich Agreement (br Petr)
WWII Pacific Theatre (by Adam)
Medieval RP (by me)

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Before you roleplay with Iggy... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Before you roleplay with Iggy...   Before you roleplay with Iggy... EmptySat Dec 12, 2009 7:39 pm


Butcheah. I was expecting this.

Tommy is basically a child who follows Adam around. Everything he does, he checks with Adam first, because Adam has had more experience with some things than Tommy has (Though Tommy is more experience when it comes to fighting considering the massive civil unrest he grew up with).

Tommy used to like Arthur. NZ-English relations started of quite well, and the Maori enjoyed the company. There were new things to trade, things to learn, people to meet. When England offered a treaty between the two peoples, some were against but most were for. The treaty changed everything and left the Pakeha (the white man) in control, which few Maori actually allowed. Maori-Pakeha relations worsened and the Flagstaff wars happened.

Things eventually settled out between the two peoples by the 1900s so they can live in harmony, but then England calls on NZ to send men to fight in a war they had barely heard anything about. It had been a long time since anyone had had to actually fight, so very few people in the country actually knew how to.

NZ losses were high considering the population and Tommy blames Arthur for the casualties he suffered in war. Post world war one, however, Tommy doesn't mind Arthur as much and though he still holds minor grudges concerning some subjects, he actually quite likes him.
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Adam Banjora/Australia
Ex-Convict Colony
Ex-Convict Colony
Adam Banjora/Australia

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Before you roleplay with Iggy... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Before you roleplay with Iggy...   Before you roleplay with Iggy... EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 1:48 am

Ok.........well.........Adam was discovered in 1522 by Portugal who abandoned him soon after, so Adam has daddy issues, then the Dutch , Chinese and the French came, the duch and french declare australia crap, named places and left. Then when Adam was a toddler England came and found him. Adam's relationship to England is split three ways. Having been bringing himself up with help from the native Koori (aboriginals) he is loyal to them and their ways, he is later brought up partly by the convicts and prositiutes that were dumped in his land. This made him grow up fast is some ways (ver knowledgable about such things as pickpocketing, horse stealing, lockpicking and the birds and the bees XDD). It also created the distrust of authority. And third, many POMS (brits) settled in Australia. So Adam had a love hate relationhip with Iggy who practicly ignored him most of the time. Due to the harsh nature of the Australian land, it was extremely difficult to farm, and survive compared to most countries in the world. This created mateship/ which is more than friendship. This makes Adam vey loyal to anyone he likes.

Adam unlike Tommy never had a civil war like war, he had a few battles with the koori, mainly settlers thinking they wer superior, and a stockade. So Adam can fight with his fists but not with guns or swords etc. Like Tommy , Australia suffered a lot due to his small population. This created some distrust against England, who treated his soldiers like slaves or convicts. (Watch the movie Gallipoli if you can)

Adam and Tommy did not had a big enough arm each so joined together as the ANZACS, and aussie soldiers is called a 'Digger btw '.

Nowdays Adam respects England more so has no trouble in teasing him, the way aussie show affection. But will no longer follow him in war. etc etc culture is a different matter which is important to their relations but we can dicuss another time.
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Before you roleplay with Iggy... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Before you roleplay with Iggy...   Before you roleplay with Iggy... EmptyTue Dec 15, 2009 2:59 pm

I pretty much know as much about our relationship as you do. XD I'll do some research when we've got some threads.
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Before you roleplay with Iggy... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Before you roleplay with Iggy...   Before you roleplay with Iggy... EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 11:36 am

Ah, I finally found this thread. I know we're in an RP together, so I figured that I could at least put down what I know about our relationship (or the little that I know).

Basically, we were both imperial powers around the same time and so found each other going after the same territory. Since you are basically always siding with Portugal, it created a lot of strain in the relationship between us. However, when the War of Castilian Succession took place and France was supporting Juana of Castile over Isabella I of Castile, you supported Isabella I and we had a series of political marriages (Henry VIII and Catherina, Phillip II and Mary) and you provided military support during the Reconquista and in the Italian Wars. I guess you could say we had a very, very short marriage but please don't tell my former beaus and etc, some of them might still be sensitive about that.

However, when Elizabeth I came to power and the Reformation was sweeping Europe, a combination of the execution of Mary of Scots, privateering, denial of the right to the English throne amongst some other things put us back at odds with each other. This was more like our... "war" that we fought in the Caribbean. Then after that, you went back to supporting Portugal again in 1640 and even supported him when he crowned his own king, which I was not happy about. You even went as far as to team up with France to put a Bourbon on the Spanish throne.

There was the War of Spanish Succession, where Holy Roman Empire (Austria and Prussia, really) invaded me with the Dutch, Portugal and you because you all wanted a Habsburg to rule me (I was married to Austria earlier, but we got a divorce). Er... oh yeah, you took Gibraltar and Minorca from me. Which then caused me to hang out with my buddy France more and go against you when I can (I guess it's probably because we're both naval powers).

We both wanted to keep our stronghold in America and you started to threaten my trade in South America (okay, I set up trade laws and whatnot and cut off Jenkins' ear) and we got into a war over that. Then somewhere along the way, we both got sucked into the War of Austrian Succession, though we mostly fought against each other. I did not appreciate the fact that you sacked Porto Bello, a major trading and naval base of mine. Or the fact that you named a bunch of your streets after it. Thanks. But that's all right, you couldn't get Cartagena de Indias.

Ah, this bring me to the Seven Years War. I kind of wanted to stay out of it and managed to until France mentioned that it would be a good idea for me to join... so I did. Except, I lost Florida to you, but got the Louisiana Territory (west of the Mississippi River and New Orleans). Okay, I was still a little bitter, so I helped fund the colonists in America when they rebelled and attacked a few of your colonies. I got Florida and Minorca back.. though I orignally kind of wanted to invade you and I still wanted my Gibraltar back though.

Okay, we might have hated each other for a while, but in 1789, after the French Revolution, we decided to ally with each other and try to invade France. Except I gave up in 1795 and had to join with France against you because you wouldn't stop. So when the Napoleonic era took place, I ended up having to fight you at the Battle of Trafalgar and got my butt kicked. But at least you weren't able to take my colonies away. At some point, it turned out Napoleon was kind of a creeper and put his brother on the throne so I ended up teaming up with you again and with Portugal and we drove the French out.

So you think that our relationship gets better, right? Er... just kidding. We disagreed about slavery, I said I'd stop... but... I... just... couldn't. I was having enough domestic problems (civil wars) alone and you jumped in to support Isabella as oppose to her uncle for the throne when there was a power struggle. Though you helped me, your leverage over me kind of waned, but I eventually abolished slavery in my colonies.

Oh.. and you sent a bunch of volunteers to help during my second civil war, even though you decided to stay neutral. Except the side you fought for lost and so by the time World War II came along, I was neutral, but I was sympathetic towards the Axis Powers NOT because of Romano so we were back to having a strained relationship again.

I guess you can say we've had a pretty rocky relationship for a very long time, though there were times when we were friends. I should have done this sooner, but I guess now if we RP other events, which, there are a few to do (without needing Portugal), we both kind of have an idea of what's going on. However, I'll wait until the Spanish Armada finishes up before I request another one with you, since you seem like you don't have a shortage of people to RP with. Thanks!
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Marin Dahl/Faroe Islands
O-Orsaka meg!
O-Orsaka meg!
Marin Dahl/Faroe Islands

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Before you roleplay with Iggy... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Before you roleplay with Iggy...   Before you roleplay with Iggy... EmptySat Jun 26, 2010 3:14 pm

Oh I must apologize for the stress you had to undergo. In the past, I experienced similar cases but as France.

Fortunately England's and Faroes' history together is quite simple. I'll explain the gist of it.

The premise is during World War 2 where Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany. In fear that Denmark's colonies (Iceland, Greenland, and Faroe Islands) will be captured by Germany, England sent troops and occupied those colonies to protect them. It was noble, or so to say, because England occupied them and then returned them back to Denmark (except for Greenland - I think he left Greenland at America's care). During that time, Faroes was only occasionally attacked by the Germany Luftwaffe but a full scale was never made. Yet Faroes did lose men; she lost about thirty seamen, or so.

Out of all of the colonies, Faroe Islands and England had a mutual friendship. In other words, I would say it is more like a 'princess to knight' relationship. Faroes treated England with much, much kindness and he did just the same. I read in wikipedia that the veterans expressed their gratitude to the Faroese's cordial behavior.

The operation, as mentioned in the title, is 'Operation Valentine', and on the side note, many British soldiers wounded up marrying many Faroese women - it's just cute, you can tell that this thread might be fluffy, if you don't mind. Though in the end, Churchill refused to help Faroes become Independent. Real downer.

So yeah. Faroes was pretty influenced by England. They love Fish and Chips. In my perspective, England treats Faroes like she's... delicate, I suppose? I'd say he was as sure as hell surprised to see absolutely no resistance as opposed to England's past. It can be similar to Switzerland-Liechtenstein if you like. Personally it would be cute if England develops a crush on her, but that's up to you ♥ Couldn't find anything much on their current relations, but most likely, England is probably subconsciously ignoring her. Which is totally normal xD She's not really noticeable. Hope that helps a bit!
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PostSubject: Re: Before you roleplay with Iggy...   Before you roleplay with Iggy... Empty

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Before you roleplay with Iggy...
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